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My Top Three Essential Oils

The most difficult question you can ask any Aromatherapist is ‘What are your Top Three oils?’, but I’ll give it a go!
My number one oil can change daily depending on my mood and who I am working with at the time. I might open a tiny bottle of an essential not used for a while and think ’this has got to be my favourite, why have I neglected it for so long?’, then that can all change the next day!
Having said that I nearly always return to the classic oil Frankincense, mainly because of its power to visibly calm and comfort.

Aromatherapy: A Natural Aid to a Good Nights Sleep

Aromatherapy: A Natural Aid to a Good Night’s Sleep

We spend one- third of our lives asleep. Sleep is as vital to humans as the air we breathe and the food we eat. Without sleep we become ill as good quality sleep helps our brain function, gives us a general feeling of well-being, aids our concentration, improves memory and mood and boosts our immune system. Most people function on far less sleep than they really need, this is due to modern lifestyles affecting our sleep patterns.

Aromatherapy offers a safe and natural aid to sleep problems without any of the side-effects sometimes experienced with sleeping tablets.